How to Choose the Best Airport Transfer Service

13 May

At one point we all travel across countries via planes and at the end of the day we are basically tired from the interesting journey and we need to complete our journey by getting a cool and lovely ride home but the question that arises is this, how am i going to choose a transfer service from the airport to my home or destination? How?

Here is the answer; prior to your journey there are very many avenues to find information of the available transfer services at the airport. these include magazines, brochures, booklets and even the internet which is a a great tool for every Tom Dick and Harry’s disposal. Therefore, at the click of your phone, laptop, tablet; there you have it This is easy but what happens when you have all the available transport service providers? Another dead end. Here is the bridge to get across it Ask yourself this before saying “honey, lets go with this one, i think its the best”. What are the services offered by this one that are not prevalent in the other? is this transfer service insured? which is the best transfer service in the area according to the airline? these are the questions that need answers and these answers provide us with the stepping stone to get to our solution.

Most transfer service providers are in families or groups, co-operatives and even individuals. Taking an insured service provider means in case of anything you are safe and that’s the best part of it You have selected all you need and had a lion’s share of your thoughts to one transfer service provider in consideration to; are you alone? or you are a family travelling together? or a school on a trip?, or maybe a team going for a tour? and all that you are planning to do, since, you will need a car or a SUV or a bus to get to your destination comfortably and within the stipulated time You need to reach your destination safe and on time.

Now all at hand, do not forget this important and crucial step. This is booking the transport service in advance since you do not want to arrive or land and then wait for an endless queue to find a vehicle rather than getting a dedicated, determined and committed transfer service that can track your journey progress and on arrival you are picked with no delay. There you have it now go ahead and now travel since your stress is now solved by your own hands. Travel safe and home you will be after a long journey with no stress.

5 Things to Check Before Hiring Airport Transfer Service

13 May

Whether you’re flying across country for business or taking a vacation just eight hours away from home, one of the biggest concerns when making travel plans is how you will get from the airport to your destination. There are so many options to consider from apps on your phone, to taxis and shuttles. With a wide variety of choices, making the best decision may seem overwhelming, but be sure to keep these six things in mind when shopping for your transportation.


Though your budget and itinerary are probably the first thing you’ll look into when comparing transfer services, safety should always come first. When you’re calling around from business to business inquiring about their services, make sure to ask about their insurance policies and how they handle accidents. Their insurance should be up to date and they should have a plan in place for emergency services.


Chances are if you’re looking for an airport transfer service, you’re destination is probably a rental car company nearby. Until you have your rental car, however, you will have to trust a chauffeur to get you from point A to point B, and sometimes that can be quite scary. Ask each airport transportation provider if their chauffeurs have passed both a background check and a drug test. You may also want to ask if they are contract employees or full time professionals.

Vehicle Size

Travelling with your family of five? Vehicle size is very important to consider when you’re arranging your travel plans. Double check the number of seats available in the vehicles offered and the space available for luggage. This won’t be an issue for those of you traveling alone.


Okay so you have a budget or you have a travel allowance issued to you by your employer. Well, either way it is time to think about the price for each transfer service you are considering. Typically shuttles are going to be an inexpensive option when compared to taxis but this can vary depending on the area


The last step in the decision making process before booking transportation is to read some reviews on the company you are looking to hire. This can give you a good indication of whether or not you will get to your destination on time and safely. Keep in mind that you will want to read reviews on third-party websites that are not associated with or paid by the company you are considering.

Once you have taken the time to thoroughly investigate your options, you can feel confident in your choice of airport transportation. Don’t be afraid to ask each company you’re considering, as many questions as you need to feel safe have a stress-free travel experience.